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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to tempt your taste-buds with something unique…a pioneering effort from Triguni Food Pvt. Ltd.

Triguni Food Pvt. Ltd is a diversification venture of Chemise Indus Pvt. Ltd – a leading high quality fashion and specialty apparel exporter based in Chennai. After a successful couple of decades of Apparel export business, our MD decided to fulfill a latent dream in processed food and decided to diversify. Thus Triguni Food Pvt. Ltd was born with the idea of doing something different....something innovative; providing a concept of great taste, healthy and convenient instant food in the segment of variety rice specialties that Chennai is famous for.

From the initial idea in September 2009, a year of R&D effort was put in. This R&D effort was in the twin areas of Product R&D and supporting Process R&D. A team of professionals were hired in Jan 2011 and a modern HACCP designed food plant was constructed from 2010 October with renovations and modifications in our existing garment premises. Parallel work was done enlisting Professionals in Marketing, Branding and Graphic Design along with key inputs from the Board of Directors, and thus Triguni Eze Eats came into being by Feb 2011. The construction phase was completed by mid-2011 and plant trials were taken for the next 3 months to optimize and fine tune the process. Simultaneously focus group studies helped us narrow down the launch product profile of TRIGUNI EZE EATS.

Triguni Eze Eats was launched commercially in select retail outlets of Chennai on Diwali day 2011.

The market for Ready to Eat foods has been growing at a phenomenal rate in urban areas, due primarily to the double income in family, higher standards of living, acute shortage of time, shortage of labour etc. The demand for RTE foods is found high amongst working women, IT & BPO Professionals, Professionals staying away from family, students living in hostel, domestic and international travelers.

While there are certain categories of RTE products are available in retort pack, the gap in meeting the consumer’s palate for good tasty ethnic food is still very large. It is here that Triguni has positioned its TRIGUNI EZE EATS to fulfill this latent need of consumers. It is a combination of great taste and ease of preparation that makes Triguni Eze Eats unrivalled and a class apart from mediocre quality retort packed brands.
There are two categories: Indian cereals and pulses based popular cuisine and Mithai (Indian deserts.)
Cereals & Pulses Varieties : Hyderabadi Biriyani, Bisibele Bhath, Rava Khichdi, Poha, Pongal, Iyer Tamarind Rice, Rava Upma, Dal Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Sambar, Sabudana Khichdi, Rajma Chawal, Dal Makhani, Chole + Jeera Rice, Pongal + Sambar, Rajma + Jeera Rice,Black Dal + Jeera Rice, Yellow Dal + Jeera Rice, Panner Butter Masala Rice,Chicken Curry Rice, Jain Rava Upma, Chole Jeera Rice, Sambar Sadam and Veg Fried Rice.The Chicken Curry Rice is stirctly  processed  and packed in seperate equipement .

Mithai range: Rava Kesari, Rice Kheer and Moong Dhal Halwa
These products come in Value Pack.
Big Serve Pack Snack Pack
Most of the cereals or pulses items with the exception of Dal Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Sabudana Khichdi and Sambar comes in two sizes to suit the budget and appetite of people – Big Serve pack & Single Serve pack (snack pack.) The big serve portions as prepared provide between 250g to 300g of yummy food. The snack pack portions as prepared are between 150g to 175g.
In order to make things even more economical, we have introduced for our regular customers the pouch pack for the big serve portions of Biriyani, Bisibele Bhath, Rava Khichdi, Poha, Pongal & Tamarind Rice. For these flavours the MRP is reduced by about 10% by giving the customers the option of using their own utensils to prepare and thereby save packing costs.
We guarantee the products as purchased to remain fresh in taste and retain full flavour for a period of six months depending on the variety. This is assured by means of carefully monitored and controlled moisture removal from the cooked products. International standard of food grade packaging is used and by means of packing the dried products in a Nitrogen flushed tri-laminated pouch, the freshness and barrier protection for a duration of 6 months, and even more, is achieved.
The USP of TRIGUNI EZE EATS is its ease of preparation. It is only boiling hot water + TRIGUNI EZE EATS that a consumer needs to have a hearty meal. The preparation is so easy and time saving. The consumer has to empty the contents of the pouches and pour hot water into the container upto the line, stir the contents , close the lid and wait for 8 Minutes. After 8 minutes the dish is ready to be served. That is why we call it the “8 Minute Wonder” and we promote TRIGUNI EZE EATS as “any time – anywhere” food.
Triguni has painstakingly developed the technology for TRIGUNI EZE EATS indigenously with some key inputs from CFTRI referred food technologist, and DFRL food scientist. Our slogan is Innovations in Food…it means that we are eager to develop new products, to cater to current market trends. Sometimes, based on our gut-feel of what the market would love to have, we develop something revolutionary…something that’s not “out there.” For example we have developed and commercialized successfully the World's first dehydrated Medhu Vada.

We have a professional and experienced R&D team consisting of food safety auditor, micro-biologists, food chemist, professional chef and top management involvement in the development of recipes. All new products that pass moisture control parameters, undergo extensive organoleptic testing in coordination with accelerated shelf life testing, and microbiological testing.

Proprietary technology has been developed and implemented to ensure the detection of all unwanted foreign objects such as hair strands, glass and plastic matter in the final product. Final product is screened for presence of any metals prior to packing and after packing. Similarly raw materials are also screened through vibro-screeners and all raw material are subject to visual inspection as well as chemical testing and only those raw materials which pass our stringent testing make it into our production process – rest are simply rejected and returned to suppliers with strict compliance warnings for future supplies.

Our dehydration technology is of a contemporary international standard and we have mastered the technology to ensure that any given flavour gives the same taste and shelf life properties, batch after batch. Our philosophy and processing ideology is to develop instant foods with no preservatives. Unlike other brands of RTE food in which one can find a lot of excess oil which is unhealthy, Triguni Triguni range is non-oily and non-greasy, and captures great home-cooked taste. It is far healthier than anything the competition offers.

TRIGUNI EZE EATS is manufactured in a state of the art designed factory – a plant that is designed first from the food safety and occupational safety point of views.The facility is certified for FSSC 22000. All our departments use state-of-the-art equipment which are operated by highly skilled staff and well trained workers. Our entire team works tirelessly to ensure that the fantastic response to TRIGUNI EZE EATS from various market sectors is met in the shortest possible time.
There is a team of professionals who manage the entire sales and logistics functions. Fortunately within months of commencing commercial operations, this Company  never needed to solicit business. Ever since IndiGo airlines came knocking on our doors for samples, and our business took off with them, there has been no looking back for Triguni. The exposure of Triguni Eze Eats on IndiGo has resulted in numerous inquiries for distribution to various parts of India and key international markets. Apart from these retail inquiries we have received several institutional inquiries which have translated into successful business relationships.

We have done Business with Formule1 (Accor) hotels, Ginger hotels, Awfis . We have also done business with Go Air through Café Coffee Day,Air Costa, Fun Cinemas and IT Company Informatica.  In the modern trade in Chennai our products are available in key Waitrose and Nilgiris outlets in Chennai, as well as Big Basket . We have retail presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Knowing that TRIGUNI EZE EATS is inherently more expensive than retort pack foods, we have continuously  strived to bring in new SKU’s that reduce the MRP. We have launched a snack pack portion of our range which is ideal for between meals. We have also launched 6 of our popular flavours in pouch pack which gives the Customer the option to enjoy the same big serving as in our big-serve packs and giving them the flexibility to prepare it and enjoy with their own bowl and cutlery.

We also have travel pack which is a boon for all kinds of travelers looking to relish home tasting food when for food home. This pack saves space and money (compared to MRP of big serve packs).

We also started the e-commerce sales of our entire range with special discounts and various options for door delivery service from June 2013 for the Pan-India market (www.ezeeats.com). Our motto is a quick response and the fastest possible service as desired by you – the Customer. We are also listed in Amazon.in

Our company has been recognized by the industry for its innovation & excellence in authentic home tasty convenience food we have won startup of the year 2014 by TiECon, Woman Entrepreneur of the year by FICCI in Jan 2015, Startup 50 award by Smart CEO magazine in October 2016, "Best of Chennai" 2016(Book)

Triguni Eze Eats is now popular with select customers around the World and to reach out to them we have enabled  our web sales to any corner of the Globe.