Customer Feedback


Name : Manigandan Chellappa        

Feedback :Hi, I am travelling by train to Salem now. Had a chance to taste your product Pongal. The taste of the product Is very good. Enjoyed it. Very innovative product. Congratulations and wish your team all the best.

Posted on : 12th Dec 2020

Name : Muhammed Rafeeque        

Feedback :Had your magic upma on board indigo and highly appreciate your great effort in developing the product. You have maintained the naturality and taste of the product. Superđź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť Congratulations...

Posted on : 16th Dec 2018

Name : Yashwant Goel        

Feedback :Having my favorites airline breakfast in the comfort & coziness of home ! How many of us love Indigo's magic UPMA? Have tried severel variants available in the market incl.MTR,CCD,etc.,but none of them are as convenient or as tasty as the Indigo version. Anyone from Indigo airlines,please convey my compliments to their team !

Posted on : 28 Nov 2017

Name : Divyesh Muni        

Dear Ms. Daga, Vikas, Greetings from Mumbai. I am happy to attach a brief report of our expedition to East Karakoram. Many many thanks for all your support for the expedition. Without your support and high quality of food, this expedition would not have been possible. The freeze dried food supplied by you was delicious, nutritious and very convenient for us to use on the expedition which required us to go as light weight as possible but not compromise on the nutrition. I look forward to your continued support for our future ventures in the Himalaya and the outdoor. Best Regards and Wishes Divyesh Muni The Himalayan Club.

Posted on :

Name : Kandasamy Putaran        

Feedback :Where can I buy all your products in Singapore please A very good and tasty

Posted on : 16th June 2017

Name : Keshav        

Feedback :Hi I am Keshav Lakshman And I am 12 years old I took the eze eats with me to london with my parents for a holiday . (

Posted on : 11th June 2017

Name : KESHAV Lakshman        

Feedback : Hi I went to London with my parents for a holiday . We carried Eze eats with us ( rava uppuma, poha, kichidi and dal chaval) to London on our vacation. We had it for breakfast everyday. It was really superb. Thank you so much. (

Posted on : 5th June 2017

Name : Meenakshi Sanyal        

Feedback : Hi, this is meenakshi... And I love your product magic upma which I keep buying in large number when ever I travel via indigo... Can u please tell me where else can I find it??? Because these are just amazing and am addicted to it... Thank you - Meenakshi /

Posted on : 24th April 2017

Name : H S NAGARAJ        


Posted on : 19th March 2017

Name : Vijayakumar Jayabal        

Feedback : Last week I took rava upma in Japan given by friend and wow it was very tasty and good for stomach..earlier I used conventional MXX brand and somehow it doesnot match the normal taste and qty too very less.but this one is full and tasty..planning to buy more for my upcoming international tour..

Posted on : 28th June 2016

Name : Francis Xavier        

Feedback : Sir/Madam, The 8-min Biriyani served on the Indigo flight from Ahmedabad to Bangalore on a recent trip was indeed good..... Keep up the good work! Best regards, francis, Bangalore

Posted on : 28th April 2016

Name : Sandesh Jain        

Feedback : I have been using it regularly ---- best companion of stomach during international business trips ---- for a pure vegetarian !

Posted on : 14th January 2016

Name : Shilpa A.Desai        

Feedback : Dear Sir, Very grateful to you for the prompt action. Highly appreciate your assistance . Thank you once again for the prompt delivery. With best regards, Shilpa A.Desai

Posted on : 24th June 2015

Name : Amrita        

Feedback : Dear Sir, Thank you so much! I'll be placing another order next week after tasting these products. Regards, Amrita

Posted on : 24th June 2015

Name : Vivek Rungta        

Feedback : I had come across your product in my flight to Delhi recently. I would really appreciate the quality of the food item. I had also enquired for the same with your distributor in Kolkata…… Regards Vivek Rungta Kolkata

Posted on : 5th June 2015

Name : Prakash Sharma       

Feedback : I had the occasion to try your Upma in an Indigo Flight and was very impressed with the same….. With Regards Prakash Sharma

Posted on : 21st May 2015

Name : Janak Kishore       

Feedback : Dear Sir/Mam, While travelling in INDIGO flights, many times I have enjoyed Rava Upma / Magic Upma being manufactured & marketed by your company……. Regards, Janak Kishore

Posted on : 9th May 2015

Name : Dilip Dandekar        

Feedback : This particular product Dal Chawal was served on Indigo Flight. This product is very comfortable and convenient when we travel abroad….. Thanking you, Dilip Dandekar

Posted on : 6th May 2015

Name : Vishnu Agrawal        

Feedback : Respected Sir You must be aware of the natural calamity that had taken place on 25 April 2015 in NEPAL. Loss of lives, property and much more. My nation is suffering and need a lot of help. I have come from Kathmandu and presently I am in Delhi. I saw some of your eatable products. If you could provide us some ready-to-eat food products like rice and curry with the minimum rates. We would purchase around 10,000 boxes from you. Hope you understand and will help us. Looking forward for your reply, soon. Vishnu Agrawal

Posted on : 1st May 2015

Name : Atul Asawa        

Feedback : Dear Sir, I ate Dal Chawal in Indigo flight which i believe has been manufactured by you. Please accept my appreciation for a wonderful creation……… Rgds Atul Asawa

Posted on : 18th April 2015

Name : Srikanth Chatrapathy        

Feedback : Dear Sirs/Madam Our congratulations and compliments to you for "Magic Upma",had the opportunity of tasting on flight. The contents, taste and directions are pretty good……… Regards, CEO Srikanth M Chatrapathy.

Posted on : 12th April 2015

Name : Shantanu Bhadkamkar        

Feedback : Excellent Upma! Congrats. Shantanu Bhadkamkar

Posted on : 1st April 2015

Name : Vivek Wahi        

Feedback : Dear Sir, I had an opportunity to eat your captioned product in the indigo flight today. It was nice. Please accept my appreciation…… Thanks Vivek Wahi

Posted on : 21st March 2015

Name : Mahadevan        

Feedback : Hi. I am a regular traveller on indigo and have used your products several times. I am generally a big fan of the products and think you have made life better for frequent travellers. Regds Mahadevan

Posted on : 28th Jan 2015

Name : Varun Dubey        

Feedback : Folks, Pretty impressive feat thus dal chawal in IndiGo. And tastes good too!.......Other than that, Great work! Keep it up guys! Best, Varun

Posted on : 15th Jan 2015

Name : Ambikesh        

Feedback : Hi, I fly indigo airlines frequently and have tasted the instant cook upma, biryani and daal chawal manufactured by your company. I can assure you that these products have a bigger market than just serving it to Indigo. I live in and I am a working professional, I have tried other ready to cook products available at kirana stores but those are uncomfortable in terms of cooking and not good in taste. Your products are great in taste and easy to cook with just addition of hot water…. Regards Ambikesh

Posted on : 11th November 2014

Name : Shahid Sheikh        

Feedback : I have been having your Magic Upma on Indigo flights for almost a year now - excellent product. Shahid Sheikh

Posted on : 8th November 2014

Name : Vidit Maheshwari        

Feedback : Hi, i live in jaipur and i was served with your sabudana khichdi in the indigo flight and i really liked it so i wanted to know that where can i get this product more as i wanted it more. thank you.

Posted on : 7th October 2014

Name : Maya chinai        

Feedback : I have had the opportunity to have various food items made by you on flights and would like to know about all the various types you make and whether I could order the same. Since I have a few family members abroad and also travel I would love to use your food packs. Please do give me a list of the other items with prices so I can order the same soon as need them by mid august. Thanking you Maya chinai

Posted on : 6th August 2014

Name : Mahesh Mundhra        

Feedback : Dear sir thank you very much for your innovative products which in fact keep our stomach full and make journey bearable which is otherwise boring difficult to pass time etc beauty of your items is in eating, no way it is less tastier than my own kitchen offferings keep it up sir !!! if you are selling in kolkata, please let me know the addresses where from i can source it thanks again mk mundhra

Posted on : 4th August 2014

Name : Haridasan Mathilakath        

Feedback : I had the opportunity to taste your product (Upma) in Indigo flight during my last two trips. The product is excellent and I congratulate you for the innovative idea. I would like to know if you have outlets in Navi Mumbai and Kochi. Kindly provide the details. Regards, Haridasan

Posted on : 25th July 2014

Name : Kannan        

Feedback : Dear all I have tasted your magic Upma in indigo flight . It was delicious….. Ms Durgga Kannan

Posted on : 25th July 2014

Name : Aravind Venkatesan        

Feedback : Hi, I have travelled quick a lot in indigo and I always eat "MAGIC UPMA" in tilly I was thinking it is prepared by indigo themselves. But I came to know that your making. Just give a feedback on it. It's really tasty and delicious and worth for the money I have travelled in almost leading airlines like Emirates, Qatar airways, British airways, American Airlines and Singapore Airlines. But never had a quality food and tasty foods like the one you make even in business class. Keep going and don't compromise on quality. Wish you all t best for the future Regards, Aravind Venkatesan Muscat, Oman

Posted on : 21st July 2014

Name : Tribhuvan Vaddi        

Feedback : Hi I enjoyed ur upma a lot during the flight journey. Thank u Tribhuvan Vaddi

Posted on : 6th July 2014

Name : Vani Pratapgiri        

Feedback : Dear sir, I would like to know where your products are available I Bangalore. I have tasted them on the flight and like them a lot. Vani

Posted on : 26th June 2014

Name : Venugopal Rao       

Feedback : DHi I just had your ready to eat upma in indigo flight 6e 371. Taste and excellent quality / quantity. I appreciate and look forward ti have your other products soon. Would I appreciate if you could share your full product range presentation and if interested in business expansion we can work together i have a unique business proposal. Looking forward to receiving your invitation to meeting your senior leadership. Thank you for your time! VGRao

Posted on : 19th June 2014

Name : Ritwik        

Feedback : Dear Team At first I would like to congratulate you to develop the product‎. It has become my favourite meal while all my indigo flights not only because it is served hot but also because of its authentic taste. Regards Ritwik

Posted on : 18th June 2014

Name : Stuti Agrawal        

Feedback : Hi I consumed ur veg biryani on an indigo flight, and loved it. Since then i have been tryin to get my hands on it, but i dont think its available anywhere else. Please let me know where can i buy your product for personal consumption. If u donot sell in the Indian market, can i directly buy from the company. My requirement will only be a few packs at a time coz i want it for my personal consumption. Please revert. :) Stuti Agrawal

Posted on : 25th April 2014

Name : Mahesh Ranade        

Feedback : I like the Magic Upma on IndiGo flights a lot. Is it available in shops in Mumbai? If yes, which shop? Mahesh Ranade Mumbai

Posted on : 12th March 2014

Name : Vivek Kejriwal       

Feedback : Dear Sir, I've tasted your product Upma in Indigo Airways and felt very nice to have. Could you please let us know where we can get the same packet upma, or if we make payment to you directly, can you send us for our self consumption….. Thanking you, Vivek Kejriwal

Posted on : 11th January 2014

Name : Pulak Modi       

Feedback : Dear Sir, Recently I had the Rava Upma on one of the Indigo flights. I was wondering if there is anyway I could order a few boxes for delivery at New Delhi with you or alternately you could let me know from where I could purchase the same in new Delhi. If you are having other similar products I would also like to try them. Thanks, Pulak Modi

Posted on : 2nd October 2013

Name : Ramkrishna Haldar        

Feedback : I got a taste of the Hyderabadi Biryani in indigo flight to dibrugarh . It was great and I am sure you have other dishes. Pl do send the details. I wish to launch the same in assam. I am working in ongc and have people working in shifts. People request for ready to eat preparation….

Posted on : 31st July 2013

Name : Sandeep Anturkar        

Feedback : Hi, This was the first time, I came across with the ready to eat Upma while traveling on Indigo. Congratulations for great taste and ease of preparations. Would like to know more if any other product also is available. Is it available outside too? Keep it up. Regds Sandeep Anturkar

Posted on : 30th June 2013

Name : SUNIL ADSULE        

Feedback : Me and my family tried your Biryani and Upma on INDIGO on board. We liked the products. We couldnot find your products in upmarket retails in Gurgaon (Sohna Road)….There will be huge demand for such products. Thanks Sunil

Posted on : 6th June 2013

Name : RAGHAVENDRA        

Feedback : Hello, Basically a forced bachelour staying in Navimumbai. Need your instant mixes like poha upma etc ...

Posted on : 1st June 2013

Name : Maria Fernandes        

Feedback : Dear Sir/madam, Tasted your pack of Pohe in a flight to Kolkata and liked the taste, packing & smart innovation of using just hot water….. Thanks & regards, Maria F

Posted on : 1st June 2013

Name : Panda        

Feedback : Dear Madam / Sir, Greetings of the day. I ate rava upma on IndiGo flight & simply loved it. This is indeed a very healthy travel option. Where can I get to buy this in market, please let me know? I am planning a trip abroad & would like to carry some of these. Kindly revert asap. Rgds, Mrs. Panda

Posted on : 28th April 2013

Name : Varda        

Feedback : Hello, Hi I would like to take some of your food stuff for my son in Austria. I am travelling on sunday 24th. Pl let me know if I can pick it up anywhere in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai. Thanks Varda

Posted on : 9th March 2013

Name : Vineet Arya        

Feedback : Dear sir, On 27th I was flying from delhi to ahmedabad by indigo, I buy ur magic upma. It was amazing in taste and perfect in all the ingredients. I have never ate such an tasteful Upma. Congrulations for developing such a wonderful product. Please let me know if this or similar product available in market. Regards Vineet Arya

Posted on : 27th June 2013

Name : Pankaj Jain        

Feedback : Hello, I had the pleasure to having an Eze Eat Rava Upma during my flight to Chennai. I want to buy this product for my daughter - a student- and in her hostel she often has problem of vegetarian food. Please let me know how I can buy 50 pcs of UPMA and 25 pcs of POHA…. Thanks and regards , Pankaj jain

Posted on : 8th February 2013

Name : Ramakrishna        

Feedback : Hello, I had your veg briyani (Of magic rice) when I was flying in Indigo airlines. Its delicious. I feel its a good, delicious and ease to make food for travel. I would like to purchase some packs for my use. Where can I get this? Please advise. Thank you B. Ramakrishna

Posted on : 31st January 2013

Name : Paul        

Feedback : Dear Sir / Madam, I'm a frequent traveler by Indigo Airline. I very much like your subject product. It really works like a mini-meal. Please do let me know, whether the product is available for commercial / retail consumers and where we can get. Regards, Paul

Posted on : 20th January 2013

Name : R S Agarwal        

Feedback : I had the opportunity of eating your Veg Biryani in Kolkata/Mumbai Indigo Flight and appreciated its taste and the idea. Regards R S Agarwal

Posted on : 1st November 2012